We Are Beautiful

In response to an offensive image that was making the rounds on Facebook, I ranted about it a bit. Then the next day, I made some images in counter-point to the original one.

Since people seem to be responding to the images I made (both positively and negatively), I thought I would revisit the topic, make some more and gather them up in one location. I’ll add more images as the mood strikes. If you have a suggestion for something you’d like to see, just pipe up and reply! I will do what I can!

12 thoughts on “We Are Beautiful”


  2. In jeans?

  3. Yes! I do love!! It’s sad that as women we are our own worst enemies. We need to be kinder & more loving toward each other. Less negativity & criticism.

    • I agree completely! I wish women weren’t so apt to judge and tear each other down. After all, we’re pretty awesome! We should recognize that in ourselves and each other more.

  4. any way to make these posters/bumber stickers/etc.? As a curvy girl with friends who come in many sizes (all of us working through body issues) I’d love to have this on my wall/car/anything for the world to see.

    • That’s such a cool request! I hadn’t even thought about making anything with the images. I wouldn’t be able to do anything with ‘When did this become hotter than this’ one but the other graphics use stock photography.

      Hm. HMM. I will see!

  5. I think this posters/stickers idea is just great!
    You did a great job with those images and I would love to show them to some people who in fact think they knew what “a real woman” would look like.

    As I used to be quite unhappy with my body myself, I often got those “come on! You’re curvy like a real woman” arguments from people who tried to comfort me.
    It took me a long time to understand that my real problem wasn’t my own body but the fact that people kept reducing me (and so many other women) to my body .

    I guess we should all stop trying to be perfect and just start seeing the beauty in ourselves and others…

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