Wooden Egg (2010)

I post (these days semi-) regularly on an art message board called Apedogs. It’s basically the same group of artists that have been together on the internet for years and years and years. Every once in a while, we do a group project. Why? BECAUSE, that’s why. Anyway, in 2010 the project was to decorate a wooden egg. Now me, being the responsible person that I am, did NOT sign up for the project because I know that I have a habit of starting things and never finishing them. However, a friend of mine forced me into it and, shock of all shocks, I actually saw the thing through to completion!

The egg is about 2.5″ high and the pattern of the wood made it so there was a nice oval on the front. It gave me the idea to hollow that part out. First, I sketched out my design in pencil on the egg. Once I was happy with it, I inked it using Copic Multiliner pens. Then I painted it with watercolors. To hollow out the front, I used a Dremel. I made the little creature out of Super Sculpey, painted him with acrylics and decorated the hollowed out portion of the egg with gold leaf.

Since I finished, my cat (Disco) broke it during his favorite past time: Knocking Shit Over. The egg itself is fine but the creature is all chipped and busted. Someday I will make a new one. Someday when I am not playing video games.

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