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So the good stuff first:

NinaEdlund_RonSwanson_2560My supremely awesome and way super talented friend, SLiD3, took a dorky little unfinished Ron Swanson sketch of mine and turned it into GOLD. He is the king of taking 2D drawings and making them into incredible 3D renderings. You should definitely shoot over to his Tumblr, not just to get various sizes of the above wallpaper, but to marvel at all the adorable-ness he has created.

So, now onto the sketch-backstory that you probably don’t care about at this point (I know I don’t, HA!)

This was my initial sketch:


It was just a really quick, very random doodle that I did on a pad of grid paper while I was at work working on stuff and certainly NOT surfing Facebook. I kind of liked it though so I threw it up onto FB or Twitter or something and was like ‘Ron MOTHERFUCKING Swanson!’

Enter SLiD3.

He saw it and told me that if I finished it, he would 3D-ify it. To which I said: HELL YEAH. I went home, cleaned things up (-ish) and posted a little tease to let him know that I was working on it.

swanson-cleanerAaaaaaaaaand then my motivation went away and the siren song of playing video games lured me to the couch. In my defense, Final Fantasy IX (yeah, you didn’t read that wrong; I am currently playing a 13 year old RPG) is super fun and improving the strength of Choco’s beak seemed to be a good priority to have. Luckily, WP is nowhere near as lazy as I am and he was able to make the above adorable-ness based on my somewhat cleaned up but not really finished drawing.

YAY, I squealed!


So here I am. I further refined my drawing (although I can’t say it’s exactly clean):

swanson-sketchAnd I pulled it into Illustrator and Photoshop to ink/color it. This is … not really my strong suit so I am struggling. The outlook of me being able to finish this to my satisfaction is hazy but who knows?

swanson-wipColoring is hard, yo.