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I did 30 sketch cards for Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead Comic Set 2 Trading Cards (which will be released on June 5th). You can see them all here but I wanted to highlight my two favorites.

walkingdead-05I love this one because the zombies look soooooo dopey. They’re all like ‘Brains? Did someone say brains? I like brains! Braaaaaaaains LOL!’ and bumping into each other. They way I have drawn them, they are like the Golden Retrievers of undead creatures. SO LOVABLE.

walkingdead-29While not as cute as the other one, this is my second favorite. I have a very cute-cute style and one might think that it wouldn’t work well with dark subject matter .. like decapitated children. You know what I say to that? I say decapitated children are ADORABLE. Not in real life, of course, but just look at their blood-soaked ponytails! Precious!

walkingdead-21While this card did not make it into my favorite top two, it definitely deserves an honorable mention. I mean, how can a person not love a zombie who comes to a brain-eating party with a knife and fork. Manner, people. Manners.