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Last night, midnight rolled around and I should have gone to bed. I am one of those people who needs eight hours of sleep and needs to get into bed at a reasonable hour otherwise it is Migraine City, population: me. However, instead of going straight to bed, I did some internetting. “Just a few minutes,” I told myself as I scrolled through the articles on Gawker. “Just a few minutes and then I will go to sleep.” The problem with this plan was that I was doodling in my sketchbook at the same time (multi-tasking!) and I started to like where one particular doodle was headed. So of course I had to see it through and of course time got away from me and of course I didn’t get into bed until 3a.


Anyway, this is what kept me up. I think I will ink and color and make it all nice; hopefully, I will not start to do those things at midnight.

Don’t disturb the dreamer

In other art news, my titmouse design is still being voted on on Threadless. Voting will conclude on Wednesday morning. It needs to stay above a 3 average in order to be considered for production so if you could head over and throw a 5 vote my way, I would really really really really appreciate it. I can’t help but think, though, that the design would be doing a little better if it only looked a little more like something along these lines:

Hipster Titmouse wants to nuzzle your boobs ironically.