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Part of what I want to do with this blog is illustrate some of my posts. Obviously, this does not happen as often as I would like when you consider that I only have two comic entries thus far. I have a draft going that is titled ‘I hate you, pencil.‘ To quote from it:

“…my rough goal is to write-and-draw one comic entry per month. The problem is that it is SO HARD and it is so hard because I am SO LAZY.”

Since this draft is riddled with stuff like ‘Picture of funny stuff goes here’, it will probably remain a draft for a very, very, very long time. (Did I just blog about a blog entry? I think I did!)

So in the absence of this magical illustrated blog entry that will probably never come to be, I will give you art-stuffs of a different kind: SKETCH CARDS!

My Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 cards have finally been approved to post. You can see all of them here and if you are confused as to what a sketch card is, I have a quick little write up here. But the purpose of this blog post is to highlight a few of my favorite cards.

I did a bunch of cards in the theme of Star Wars characters and their pets. I mostly wanted to do this so I could draw Hammerhead with a shark, Admiral Ackbar with a goldfish and Luke with a rat named ‘Womp’. I gave Obi Wan a platypus. Why? Because I wanted to draw a platypus, duh.

As I was drawing the cards and re-watching all the movies, I realized something: there are a lot of amputations in this series. A LOT. You can barely go five minutes without someone getting an extremity cut off. I only highlighted three in this card but there are so many more. So. Many. More.

I did a bunch of split screen cards of characters yelling at each other. And I stayed true to my belief that Chewbacca is a big softie and carries a secret flame for Leia. Poor Chewie!

Every time something huge blows up in Star Wars, I always think of all the maintenance workers, janitors, electricians, bookkeepers, accountants, graphic designers (!!!) and other non-combat personnel that perish as a result. Especially the ones killed by some annoying little kid freewheeling in a ship that he wasn’t supposed to be in on a planet that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan had no business taking him to. Seriously, they knew that they were heading off to a war; why bring a little kid with them? Wouldn’t it have been safer — AND MORE LOGICAL — to leave him in the care of an adult on Coruscant?!


I just really love both these cards. They came out way better than I thought they would and I particularly love the colors of the Yoda-Chewie card (coloring is .. not my strong point). I really wish I had kept them as my return cards — Padme face-kicking the Nexu especially — but I didn’t. OH WELL.


Haha. Amputation humor. ‘I was only trying to get a LEG up!’ ‘Could you lend me a HAND?’ Zowie, I am a comedy genius!

This card made me laugh the entire time I drew, inked and colored it. Seeing all those little kids at the Jedi academy or whatever it was, I began to wonder: Do all of them really become Jedis? Some of them must be clumsy! At least a few of them must flunk out! And that’s how I came up with the idea for this card: a support group for all the klutzy kids that got kicked out of Jedi school. Peg leg! Eye-patch! Missing arm! If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m telling you now: I find lopped off limbs (in the context of Star Wars) to be hilarious.


This is one of my return cards* in both its inked and colored states. I liked the card a lot better before I colored it. It came out alright — I really like drawing hair — but I still wish I had kept the Padme in the pit card rather than this one. Again I say: OH WELL. Too late now!

* Return cards are cards that are returned back to me by Topps, cards that I can keep or sell as I please.

In closing, I will leave you pictures of my work space and in-progress shots:



All inked! Ready to color!

Jabba likey what he see! Ho ho ho...