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I’ve mentioned before that I only recently started to embrace my girly side (I still remain mostly a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl though). I am increasingly enjoying getting all dolled up and have even traded in my messenger bag for a girl purse. No, girly purses. That’s right. PLURAL.

Yup, that's a t-shirt of Darth Vader trimming a Death Star shaped topiary

Back when I lived in Texas and worked at the CompUSA corporate headquarters, my wardrobe was a lot better. The work environment was business casual which meant that my closet was filled with just as many slacks and skirts as jeans and t-shirts. In 2004, I moved to California to attend California Institute of the Arts as a character animation major. Being back in school meant that there wasn’t much of a need for nicer clothes as I was more likely to be laboring away at my animation disc at 3a than doing anything that required pantyhose and nice shoes. When I left school (sooo expensive) and got a job at a tv network doing web design, there still wasn’t a pressing demand for fancy clothing as the dress code ranked slightly higher than being allowed to wear PJs to work. The entertainment industry: so glamorous.

So over the years, the skirts and slacks from my business casual days just kind of disappeared from my closet. While I loved my job’s ultra-casual dress code at first, I began to feel a little badly about always dressing like a shlub. In mid-2011, I decided that it was time for a change. It was time to get serious. It was time to get girly.

Beverly Dress in Peacock - Heartbreaker Fashion

The first dress I bought was the Beverly Dress in Peacock from Heartbreaker Fashion. I was able to pay a little extra to have a few inches added to the length — I’m a tall girl (5’10”) and sometimes that can complicate dress shopping so I was really happy that they had this option available. It was the color that first attracted me to the dress but I also love it for it’s twirlability.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! So dizzy!

I should also make a note about shoes: I used to HATE being tall. There’s something about a boy resting his head on your shoulder at a junior high school dance that is traumatizing for a young girl. So for years, I wore flats and slouched as much as I could in an attempt to fool people into thinking I wasn’t some kind of freakish giant. At some point in my late 20s or early 30s though, I discovered that being tall was pretty awesome. So now I enjoy wearing heels — especially ones that are 3.5 inches or higher — and Godzilla-ing my way through life.

Polished Professional -- Modcloth.com

The next dress I got was the Polished Professional dress from Modcloth.com. This dress caused a small panic at work; they were afraid that I was interviewing for another job. I guess that’s a pretty strong commentary on my wardrobe — it must have been pretty bad if the simple act of looking presentable caused workplace anxiety.

(I would like to point out the little paw peeking out from under the door in the first picture and the tail in the second. I had banished my cat, Disco, from the room while I was taking pictures and he was less than pleased about this. He was convinced that awesome and amazing things were happening — they were — and was quite distressed that he was not a part of them. Tough luck, sucker! Why don’t you grow some thumbs and learn how to open doors! BURN!)

All Sounds True - Modcloth.com

Around the same time I got the Polished Professional dress, I got the All Sounds True dress (also from Modcloth.com). I was attracted to this dress because the fabric looks like it was stolen from 1970s drapery. It’s so obnoxious. I LOVE IT.

Lady Love Song - Modcloth.com

Next came the Lady Long Song dress (Modcloth.com). This one was a lot more form-fitting the anything else I had recently gotten. I was a little reluctant to get it because red clothing doesn’t necessarily go well with (fake) red hair. However, I liked the garment enough to just say ‘FUCK IT’. Why not, right? Who cares if my hair doesn’t match; when you look good, you look good.

Sheath All That by Stop Staring! - Modcloth.com

As a Christmas present to myself, I picked up the Sheath All That dress by Stop Staring! This one hung in my closet with the tags still on for almost a month — I just wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I felt it made me look like a tube with no curves. I mean, I don’t have much in the way of curves but some dresses fake it better than others. In the end, my pal, Kate, convinced me to keep it and I am happy she did so since the dress kind of makes my rack look amazing.


I also got a little bolero shrug that not only looks nice with some of the newer things but also revamps the older dresses that had been lurking in the recesses of my closet.

A-dove All dress - Modcloth.com

And last but not least, I recently got the A-dove All dress (Modcloth.com). I am sad to say that this one will be going back. The waist sits too high and makes me look thicker than I am in a very unflattering way. Additionally, even with my push-uppiest bra, the top was made for much more boobage than I can provide without resorting to plastic surgery. I am including these pictures though to mourn what could have been. It’s such a gorgeous dress and the fabric is amazing; I just wish it looked better on me. If only I was a little shorter and a lot boobier, it would look so fabulous. Alas, it was simply not meant to be.

So that’s it! My parade of dresses! At some point, I will show off my parade of shoes. Shoes, people! SHOES!