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The purse has arrived! It is pretty damn awesome — fabulous, even — but it is, ah, bigger than I expected. Holy cow is it big! While the site I bought it from included measurements, I am a visual person. I need to see something in context to really get any kind of sense of it. Despite:

…my brain still came up with the expectation that it would be something akin to this size-wise:

I don't know who this person is but she's fabulous

Upon receipt of the purse, I quickly discovered that my imagination and visualization skills are sorely lacking. Here I am with it. As you can see, it dwarfs me:

As I mentioned before, I am a messenger bag kind of girl. Therefore, purses float around in unfamiliar waters for me. Large purses are even more alien. I know that doesn’t seem to make much sense — after all, messenger bags are roomy so why would I be so befuddled by a large purse? Shouldn’t the fact that my normal bag of choice is large and in charge make the transition easier for me? No. You see, I view messenger bags as something on the same level as a backpack. It has a function and that function is to tote around a shitload of stuff. Stuff can include (but is not limited to): books, sketchbooks, pencil boxes, hats, mittens, scarves, hammers, flashlights, etc. A purse, in my opinion, is a pretty accessory and the things that one fills it with should remain in-theme: Dainty. Girly. Delicate.  What in the world do women carry around in these mini-suitcases?

I threw in my wallet, sunglasses and phone. Peeking inside, I realized that there was still plenty of room in there so I looked around for other things to add. Chapstick, breath mints and my pink Nintendo DS were sacrificed to the gaping maw of my handbag but there is still volumes and volumes of space to fill up.

So I call out to you, Peoples of the Internetz! What should I be carrying in there? Makeup? Books? Garden gnomes? Mary Poppin’s coat rack?

I just don’t know!