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Let alone a girl who has two of them! These purchases from Modcloth arrived on Friday and I am really happy with them–for the most part!

The first dress is awesome in that it fools people into thinking I have boobs (HA!). The second is lovely but it has a really weird pucker happening on the left boob (you can sort of see it on the side shot). I think it might be a defect so I could either send it back, have them ship me another (AGAIN — the medium I ordered originally was too big) and hope that it doesn’t have the pucker. Or I could bring it to a tailor and see if he can fix it. Plus, I’m not entirely crazy about the sleeves — I’d prefer for them to be not so poofy.

‘If you are so unhappy with these things, why don’t you just send it back Nina?’ you may find yourself asking. My answer — because it can do this:

For reference (and anyone who wants to buy these dresses and/or shoes):

Lady Love Song Dress (dress number one)

Red Like Me Dress (dress number two)

The To-Toes Shoes (cutest shoes on the planet)