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That’s right! Two posts about my cat, right in a row. While I don’t think I have strayed into Crazy Cat Lady territory* yet, Disco is a big part of my life. So for the two people who bother to visit this blog (hi mom! hi dad!), if you don’t like reading about my cat.. well, let’s just say that this might not be the best place to spend your time on the internet.

Anyhoodles, recently I bought my cat some catnip-infused bubbles. At first he was terrified of them — clearly they were out to get him with their floating and gentle popping. After a while, he was, well, still terrified but his curiosity was piqued. I don’t know why, maybe he has a death wish or something. I mean, he is only ONE CAT against TENS OF BUBBLES. Finally, he realized that he could destroy them with his Terrible Paws of Horrific Doom and Destruction which, at that point, it became a bubble massacre. Now there are little bubble children sitting at the dinner table, looking at the empty seat and asking their bubble mother when their bubble father will be coming home. And she turns away, the pain too new and too raw to look into their little bubble faces as she whispers ‘He’ll always be with you .. in your hearts.’

*Alright, I may have some Crazy Cat Lady tendencies. After all, I did — for a time — write a blog in the voice of my cat. And recently, a friend of mine brought her cat, Pepin, over to my apartment for a cat play date with Disco because we were convinced that they would totally be BFF due to their mutual love for Knocking Shit Over (for the record, the play date did not go well). BUT. Not only do I only have one cat but I have a boyfriend, too. So that affords me some leeway, right? Why are you looking at me that way?