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Today I had an ice cream bar that was, to say the least, less than sub-par. So I took to the computer to contact the company and voice my dissatisfaction!

Every day at 4p during the Monday – Friday work week, I peel myself away from my desk to walk over to the corner store. Once there, I buy myself a Häagen Dazs Vanilla Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. I take the long way back, meandering along at a leisurely pace to let my delicious treasure soften up a little. Back in my cubicle, I gleefully open the box. I excitedly tear open the wrapper. Then I oh-so-carefully bite away all the chocolate before eating the ice cream that had been contained within.

This is a magical time, a time when my stress and frustrations with work slide away for a few moments. A time when it’s just me and my ice cream. A time I look forward to every day.

But today, I was robbed of that sweet reprieve.

From the first bite, I knew something was wrong. The chocolate, which normally snaps off the ice cream so crisply, was soft, nearly soggy. When I got to the ice cream, it was grainy and coarse rather than smooth and creamy. I managed to choke it all down anyway  but I was left with a sour expression on my face and sorrow in my heart. All the frustrations of my day became compounded, my stress amplified and doubled.

I shake my fists at the heavens: Why, Häagen Dazs? WHY?!

I shall give it a try again tomorrow but I do so with trepidation, my heart nearly paralyzed with terror. Will the ice cream bar that I know and love be back? Or will it betray me again? I hope for the former. O, do I hope!

We’ll see if I get a response! But it certainly was fun to ham it up a bit; I hope the person in charge of reading the complaints over at Häagen Dazs got a little chuckle.