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Drew and I are not cuddly people in bed when it comes to sleeping. We both prefer our own space to sleep untouched and undisturbed. Snuggle Time is for snuggling, Bed Time is for sleeping and never the two shall meet.

Until last night.

It was around 3:30a and I was sleeping soundly, no doubt dreaming of unicorns fighting narwhals or something equally normal. Suddenly, Drew rolled over and with a mighty THWUMP*, threw his arm across me and snuggled up. I laid there very still trying to decide if I should just go with it or shove him back over to his side. Before I could make the call one way or another, a feline head popped up. Disco clearly wanted in on this Pig-Pile-Nina action and hopped up onto the bed, walking all over me before finding just the right spot to settle down.

So there I was, covered in a boyfriend and a cat. After a moment, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed being loved by things great and small.

*I meant to write THWUMP in my comic rather than THUMP. Next time, it would be wise for me to proofread before busting out the pens, especially when the entire comic only involves ONE word.