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I got the TICA blue slip for Disco from the breeder the other day. What is a blue slip, you ask? When a litter of purebred cats are born, the breeder will fill out a litter registration form and send it in to TICA (The International Cat Association). This form will list the parents, the number of kittens in the litter, sex, colors and patterns). In turn, TICA will send the breeder a ‘blue slip’ for each kitten and, after filling out various parts (sex, color, pattern, if the cat is for showing or breeding, etc), s/he will send the blue slip along to the owner so that they may register the kitten.  Part of this process involves coming up with his fancy-shmancy name. The name always starts with the name of the cattery: in Disco’s case, that would be ‘Rockcreek’.

This is the cat that I am giving a fancy name to and, for the record, he is a Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll:

Some possibilities that I am considering:

Rockcreek Sir DiscoDancer Fancypaws
Rockcreek Disco MadBeatz Fancypaws
Rockcreek Disco DefJamz Fancypaws
Rockcreek Disconius Maximus Floppus
Rockcreek Disco County Jr

I am gooood at coming up with names.

To be continued…