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I’ve been on the look out for a particular sort of dress: bateau neck, defined waist, full circle skirt, inverted pleats, hits down at the knees. Of course I never find anything exactly right but the major dilemma is that when I do find something along these lines, it’s never quite long enough and/or the waist is too high. Such is the curse of being tall and thin.

I’ve sketched out what I would like:

And I wonder now, how hard would this be to make? I am a novice sewer but I know how to follow a pattern. Maybe I should give it a shot; I’m sure I can find a pattern something close to this. If I can pull it off, then I can be assured to have something that is made to my measurements.

By the way, those are some inverted pleats right there. Like this:

Oh Peggy, you minx!

I also really love the top part of this dress. Well, I love the entire thing but I’d prefer the skirt to be fuller, swisher and the sash to be wider.