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Faced with another 95-100 degree day today, I made the decision that if we had to be hot, we might as well be hot at the beach rather than just sweat it out at home. So I packed a lunch and Drew and I drove over to Point Dume in Malibu. It was clear from the very beginning that going to the beach was a great idea.

What wasn’t a great idea? Not putting on sunscreen at home and instead waiting until we were already at the beach. Where it was windy. This particular point matters because I was using sunscreen that you spray on.

It is now evening and I can plainly see the spots I missed with the sunscreen. So instead of being completely less-than-pale, I am now a mix of less-than-pale and hot-throbbing-pink. It’s very sexy, let me tell you.

Lesson learned: Wind and spray-on sunscreen do not mix.